Order GRWMC #1 On-Line!

Having troubles finding Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew issue 1? Well look no further, you can now order copies from The Cosmic Shop. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY ...

New GRWMC Anncounemnt

In our last announcement we stated that a limited number of copies of Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew issue 1 ... 

Something New is Coming

Cosmic Times is partnering with Frozen beach Studios for a band new project by Stephan Nilson & Larry Watts. Stay Tuned!

New Guest for PalmCon!

Marvel & Valiant cover artist Jeff Dekal will be joining us at our own convention PalmCon 9/72 & 9/28! Jeff has also done covers for Decisions. 

Comicosity - GRWMC Preview

The fine folks over at Comicosity were kind of enough to release SIX preview pages from 

Following GRWMC ...

Following Giant Robot Warrior Warrior Maintenance Crew into the Previews catalog will be DJ Strong's one-shot What I.F. 

New Guest for PalmCon!

Ike Eisenmann from Disney's Witch Mountain series and Star Trek II will be joining us at our convention PalmCon 9/72 & 9/28! 

Fun at Nerdtropolis!

This past weekend we joined Jeramy Hobbs to attend the Nerdtroplis One Year Anniversary Event! Images and a mini event report is on line. 

Allen Bellman @ PalmCon

Marvel/Timely golden age legend Allen Bellman will be a special guest at the 2014 PalmCon - September 27th & 28th. 

COE Photos & Report

The Creator Owned Expo took place August 9th and we were there! Check out our mini-con report and photos.