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Hello! We have received an incredible amount of emails, messages, tweets about the future of PalmCon.  You have been patient and for that we are so very thankful.  

Melbourne Toy & Comic Con 
October 22nd, 2017

The Melbourne Toy and Comic Con is happening again and we will be there on Sunday, October 22nd from 10am-5pm. The event is sponsored by Mike's Comics and Famous Faces & Funnies. Guests include Tyler Kirkham, Billy Tucci, Alex Saviuk, Tini Howard and more ...

Decisions One-Shot
By Zach Bassett, Martin T Pierro & Jeramy Hobbs

Decisions: Faces of the Stranger follows Jack … a young man standing at a crossroad. He is wrestling with his place in the world trying to come to terms with his own sexuality and future. But these questions are tied to his past … a past that he has tried hard to forget but has never moved beyond … the time has come for him to face the truth of what actually happened. This special one-shot is a hard hitting slice of life story with a touch of the supernatural.

Cosmic Times is a South Florida based comic book publisher that has become a leader in the independent comic book marketplace. Founded in 2008, Cosmic Times has recently published such titles  as Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, What I.F., Metal Locus, Void of Heroes, Flesh of White, Chaser Platoon, Sugar Boogarz and Deep Space Tragedy. 

Provide us with your name and email address to receive Cosmic Updates. We will keep you in the loop regarding our latest projects and will even send out special sneak previews to what we are working on behind the scenes. We will also send out special discount codes for the Cosmic Shop as well as occasionally giving away comics to our subscribers through contests and drawings.

Sugar Boogarz Issue 1
By Michael "LocoDuck" Duron

Sugar Boogarz is an all ages series that takes place in a world of living gingerbread people and diabolical broccoli monsters. The story follows the adventures of Graham and his band of Gingy Ninjys as they struggle to stop the evil Tyrant Tooth from taking over the world. It's an action packed series written to be enjoyed at any age.

Still looking for some Blade Runner 2049 swag ... we will be giving some away at Trivia Nights with Heidi and Martin at Howley's Restaurant in West Palm Beach on Tuesday October 10th. 

Sugar Boogarz Issue 3
By Michael "LocoDuck" Duron

A shocking truth is discovered as the traitor is revealed and the future of the Gingy Ninjys is put into question. Adolfo Rootless continues to gain the upper hand as chaos reigns supreme while the Candy Castle falls. Can Graham salvage his team in time to confront the deadly Tyrant Tooth? Find out in this exciting next chapter of the all-ages smash hit series Sugar Boogarz!

Now Available for Preorder - Diamond Order Code: OCT171412

Page 322 of the October Catalog!

Producing comics is a complex process … there are lots of elements to deal with and many people involved in the process that are out of our control … and many times out of our state. Everybody is human and mistakes can be made, and due to the nature of comic production - it’s not always easy to catch those mistakes. That is what happened with Chaser Platoon: The Collected Edition. There were two covers for this incredible trade paperback, one (the Kickstarter edition) by Tim Eldred and the standard retailer cover by Ryan Miller with colors by Zach Bassett. It’s the standard cover where the error was made - the inside credit page only gives credit to the Kickstarter edition artist and fails to single out the incredible work of Ryan Miller.

Ryan worked hard on this cover and turned in a dynamic piece, only made that much better by Zach’s colors. Ryan Miller is a great artist and deserves the credit for the cover. Instead of trying to find where the mistake was made or casting blame,  I am personally apologizing for this oversight (one that will be corrected with future printings) and I encourage you to check out Ryan’s other work and if you see him at a comic convention - please let him know what a great job he did with the Chaser Platoon cover. 

Sugar Boogarz Variant
By Michael "LocoDuck" Duron

The "Retailer Variant" for Sugar Boogarz issue 1 is a very limited edition version of the standard or regular version, in that the content of the comic is the same yet the cover is different. The only way to to get this cover is to buy it directly from comic book retailers.  We are offering the variant to them at 5 to 1 ratio, if you want this highly limited and no doubt sought after version of Sugar Boogarz #1, you should tell your local comic book retailer right away.

Cosmic Times is excited to finally announce a new plan for PalmCon.  Instead of one big event we have chosen to stretch the PalmCon experience into several different events through out the year.  Think of your favorite part of PalmCon, now magnify it by ten and that is what we have planned.  PalmCon: Comicfest will focus on the comics and cosplay.  PalmCon: Bookfest will hone in on bringing authors and readers together, books, graphic novels and a love of reading through those things.  The PalmCon Student Film Fest will highlight independent film makers and their accomplishments.  

Remember how comic conventions used to be?  Affordable? Personal experiences with guests? Fun that you could share with the whole family? That's what we are aiming for here.  We hope you are as excited about these changes as much as we are.  It will be a journey to a new kind of PalmCon … a comic and pop culture experience that is truly geared to the local community.

Stay tuned for more information including dates and venues….. 


"... in life ... sometimes things are not always black and white, in those shades of grey,
​the hard choices are made ..."
 This is first time a Decisions book has been offered to the national comic buying market.


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Chaser Platoon TPB
By Tim Eldred, Steve Krueger & Zach Bassett

The 1990s smash hit mini-series returns! Chaser Platoon: The Collected Edition presents the entire Chaser Platoon series in full color for the first time. Completely remastered by Zach Bassett, Chaser Platoon follows a group of mech-pilots who are sent on what amounts to be a suicide mission. What they uncover is a dark secret that will have massive ramifications for the war, if they live long enough to report their findings. Tim Eldred's classic story is an action packed tale full of mystery and intrigue set against the backdrop of a war between battling mechanized warriors.

Blade Runner Winners

We have selected our THREE winners of the Blade Runner 2049 prize packs! Our winners were Brian R, James D and Raymond S - these winners will be notified individually via email. Blade Runner 2049 is now playing at theaters everywhere. The reviews are incredible -

"Blade Runner 2049 is one of the brainiest films to come out of Hollywood in a long while, asking more questions about the meaning of life than it answers." - Peter Howell - Toronto Star.

Tickets are valuable online through Fandango - HERE, or at your local theater's box office. 

Decisions Review
By Reading with a Flightring

Decisions: The Faces of the Stranger is "Raw, powerful, stark and honest storytelling dealing with abuse, finding yourself and learning you are stronger than you think and that no one is ever truly alone." - Reading with a Flightring

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