Scales of Time #1 (One Shot)
​By Kevin LaPorte and Rich Perrotta

Cosmic Times & Inverse Press join forces to bring you Robot Vs. Dragon for the prize of one man's immensely talented soul! In Scales of Time, a rapidly aging virtuoso pianist is bent beneath the heel of a Draconian patron but finds freedom at the hands of a time-bending automaton with her own unknown agenda. Scales of Time is a one-shot, self-contained comic.

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Decisions One-Shot
By Zach Bassett, Martin T Pierro & Jeramy Hobbs

Decisions: Faces of the Stranger follows Jack … a young man standing at a crossroad. He is wrestling with his place in the world trying to come to terms with his own sexuality and future. But these questions are tied to his past … a past that he has tried hard to forget but has never moved beyond … the time has come for him to face the truth of what actually happened. This special one-shot is a hard hitting slice of life story with a touch of the supernatural.

Cosmic Times is a South Florida based comic book publisher that has become a leader in the independent comic book marketplace. Founded in 2008, Cosmic Times has recently published such titles  as Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, What I.F., Metal Locus, Void of Heroes, Flesh of White, Chaser Platoon and Deep Space Tragedy. 

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Sugar Boogarz
Artist/Writer Michael "LocoDuck" Duron brings his all-ages series Sugar Boogarz to Cosmic Times!

Disney/Lucasfilm licensed artist Michael Duron (of LocoDuck Studios) is bringing his unique art and storytelling style to South Florida based publisher Cosmic Times. Sugar Boogarz will be the first series to come from this exciting new partnership. Sugar Boogarz is an all ages 

series that takes place in a world of living gingerbread people and diabolical broccoli monsters. The story follows the adventures of Graham and his band of Gingy Ninjys as they struggle to stop the evil Tyrant Tooth from taking over the world.

Sugar Boogarz will be Cosmic Times first ongoing series, establishing the rich world of the Gingy  Ninjys. It’s an exciting, funny and downright adorable tale of standing up for what is right against insurmountable odds. The first issue of the series is expected to be in the August Previews catalog with the first issue arriving in comic shops across the country October. There will also be a web-component to this exciting project that will allow readers to explore the world of Sugar Boogarz further.

"... in life ... sometimes things are not always black and white, in those shades of grey, the hard choices are made ..."
NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER! This is first time a Decisions book has been offered to the national comic buying market.


Fandom Fest
July 28-30, 2017 - Louisville, KY

Fandom Fest is a three day pop culture and comic con in Louisville, Kentucky, that is the largest in the region. Guests are being added all of the time including recent addition - Paul Michael Glaser

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Chaser Platoon TPB
By Tim Eldred, Steve Krueger & Zach Bassett

The 1990s smash hit mini-series returns! Chaser Platoon: The Collected Edition presents the entire Chaser Platoon series in full color for the first time. Completely remastered by Zach Bassett, Chaser Platoon follows a group of mech-pilots who are sent on what amounts to be a suicide mission. What they uncover is a dark secret that will have massive ramifications for the war, if they live long enough to report their findings. Tim Eldred's classic story is an action packed tale full of mystery and intrigue set against the backdrop of a war between battling mechanized warriors.