Yurushi OGN
By Zach Bassett

Yurushi, an original graphic novel, sees Zach Bassett lend his amazing talent to tell this story of love, revenge, and forgiveness. Yurushi follows Kisho, a Samurai who was blinded as a child while trying to protect his father. He is haunted by his failure and over time developed a thirst for vengeance. Each page is a work of art as Zach hand painted them in watercolor while using other media to illustrate the broad range of emotions that our protagonist experiences through this timeless tale.
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Cosmic Times is a South Florida based comic book publisher that has become a leader in the independent comic book marketplace. Founded in 2008, Cosmic Times has recently published such titles  as Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, What I.F., Metal Locus, Void of Heroes, Flesh of White, Chaser Platoon, Sugar Boogarz and Deep Space Tragedy. 

Deep Space Tragedy Issue 3
By Mike Wagganer

Deep Space Tragedy is gone and it would seem that The Diodes are set to take the throne as the greatest robot rock band in the galaxy. But evil machinations are at work and the final fate of the planet Cog is at hand. Is there no one left who can rock hard enough to save the day? Find out in the penultimate chapter of Mike Wagganer's epic tale. Get the third issue digitally for only $1.99 through the ComiXology app or online porthole!

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Sugar Boogarz Issue 4
By Michael "LocoDuck" Duron

Following the Battle for Candy Castle, Graham and his band of Gingy Ninjy's must connect with the group of remaining Rebels in Cupcake Canyon. Unfortunately, their path will take them into the Sgusting' Swamps and the slimy licorice creature known as the Licubus Beast may have a different and more frightening final destination in mind for our heroes!

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Chaser Platoon Issue 1
By Tim Eldred, Steve Krueger & Zach Bassett

The stage is set. The members of Chaser Platoon set off on their mission, but something strange is going on. The high ranking officers are hiding something from the team. Before the secret can be revealed, their transport is attacked by a squad of deadly Robo-Commandos. Read the first issue digitally for 99¢ and then come back and buy the trade from the Cosmic Shop!

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Sugar Boogarz Issue 1
By Michael "LocoDuck" Duron

Sugar Boogarz is an all ages series that takes place in a world of living gingerbread people and diabolical broccoli monsters. The story follows the adventures of Graham and his band of Gingy Ninjys as they struggle to stop the evil Tyrant Tooth from taking over the world. It's an action packed series written to be enjoyed at any age.
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Sugar Boogarz #1

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Decisions Review
By Reading with a Flightring

Decisions: The Faces of the Stranger is "Raw, powerful, stark and honest storytelling dealing with abuse, finding yourself and learning you are stronger than you think and that no one is ever truly alone." - Reading with a Flightring

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