Capitol City Comics​
October 1st, 2016 / 1:00 PM - 5:00PM

On October 1st, Amanda Rachels, artist and co-creator of Flesh of White will be at the Capitol City Comic Shop in Montgomery, Alabama! She will be signing copies of Flesh of White and doing some special sketch work.

Deep Space Tragedy (1 of 4)
​By Mike Wagganer
with Martin T Pierro Moisely Fernandez

Chapter One
The most epic intergalactic rock n' roll adventure of all time begins here! Deep Space Tragedy - a teenage robot rock band on the run - gets more than they bargained for on a remote planet. What was supposed to be just another show soon turns into a struggle of life and death with the fate of an entire planet in the balance.


Cosmic Times is a South Florida based comic book publisher that has become a leader in the independent comic book marketplace. Founded in 2008, Cosmic Times has recently published such titles  as Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, What I.F., Metal Locus, Void of Heroes,  and Deep Space Tragedy. 

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Flesh of White (1 of 4)​
​By Erica J Hedlin & Amanda Rachels

Rehema lives a happy life in modern Tanzania with her husband, Idi, and their young son with albinism, Kwasi - until Kwasi's white flesh comes to the attention of a remorseless Witch Doctor who covets the child's tissues for use in powerful magicks. Only through her love, some luck, and the sacrifices of their community can Rehema save Kwasi from mutilation or death.

CT-0000     JUN161366

Flesh of White (4 of 4)​
​By Erica J Hedlin & Amanda Rachels

There are moments that become a single chance to save someone we love. For Rehema, that moment is now. A sinister witch doctor and his machete-wielding harvester launch a full-on assault of the sanctuary village sheltering her young son, Kwas. Rehema and her allies risk their lives to defend him and the others with albinism hiding within.

CT-0000     OCT161404

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As an added bonus - for each copy you buy, Capitol City will enter your name into a drawing to win an original sketch cover Amanda is doing specially for this event. She will be doing 4 of them, so there will be 4 lucky winners.

Capitol City Comics is located at 7919 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, Alabama 36116, Amanda will be signing from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM