The First Phase of Chaser Platoon: The Collected Edition was Funded through Kickstarter

We are simply amazed at the outpouring of support for Chaser Platoon: The Collected Edition. These last few days were a real nail-biter, hope was beginning to sink - we had folks withdrawing their bids and the goal seemed to be slipping out of our grasp. But in the 11th hour, bids rolled in and saved the day!

We are truly humbled by your support, thank you.

NOW, it’s time to really batten down the hatches and get back to work on coloring the book, soliciting it through DIamond and then getting it to the printer.

Chaser Platoon: The Collected Edition
Kickstarter Backer
Exclusive Edition

By Tim Eldred

Coming Soon!

Outtakes form the Kickstarter Video

Chaser Platoon: The Collected Edition
By Tim Eldred & Steve Krueger, remastering supervised by Zach Bassett
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Set in the future - war is everything and both sides will do what they must to win. Our story follows a group of mech pilots, the Chaser Platoon who are sent on what amounts to a suicide mission. What they uncover is a dark secret that will have massive ramifications for the war, if they can live long enough to report their findings. It’s an action packed story with mystery and intrigue set against the backdrop of a war between battling mechs!

Coming Soon!

The original Chaser Platoon from 1991 - finally collected and for the FIRST time in full color!

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