... in life ... sometimes things are not always black and white,
in those shades of grey, the hard choices are made ...

Cosmic Times is proud to present Decisions: The Faces of the Stranger a special one-shot now available for purchase. 

​Decisions: The Faces of the Stranger follows Jack … a young man standing at a crossroad. He is wrestling with his place in the world trying to come to terms with his own sexuality and future. But these questions are tied to his past … a past that he has tried hard to forget but has never moved beyond … the time has come for him to face the truth of what actually happened. This special one-shot is a hard hitting slice of life story with a touch of the supernatural.​​

"Raw, powerful, stark and honest storytelling dealing with abuse, finding yourself and learning you are stronger than you think and that no one is ever truly alone."

- Reading with a Flightring

Decisions: The Faces of the Stranger (One-Shot)

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​Page Count:
​28 (25 Story)
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T+   Appropriate for readers age 16 and older.

Written by: 
Zach Bassett & Martin T Pierro
Art by:
​Jeramy Hobbs
Letters by:
Ted Woods
Edited by:
Connie Voss & Laura Hutfilz 
Cover by:
​Jeff Dekal​