"What I.F. reads like a poetic love letter rather than your typical comic, mourning the loss of a friendship and the death of a life one discovered was never really real. The subject matter is deep and is approached as such. Imaginary friends, suicide, and mental illness are usually dealt with in a comedic or dark and masturbatory manner. Not so in the comic What I.F.."

Christina Brookman - Fanboy Comics

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What I.F. ... a familiar story the world has never heard
 about a character we've never met but have always known. 

What I.F. (One-Shot)


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​Page Count:
​26 (21 Story)
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T+   Appropriate for readers age 16 and older.

What I.F. is an emotionally moving story told from the point of view of an imaginary friend, who ponders his own existence. It is time for him to move on, but to where? Was he imagined or did he imagine the world he lives in? 

This is a one shot story about the meaning of life and our importance in the lives of others masterful written by D.J. Strong and superbly illustrated by Jeramy Hobbs with Zach Bassett. 

Written by: 

DJ Strong
Pencils by:
​Jeramy Hobbs 

Inks by:

Zach Bassett & Jeramy Hobbs

Mike Wagganer

Cover by:
Jeramy Hobbs with Zach Bassett