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Deep Space Tragedy Issue 1 of 4
By Mike Wagganer with Martin T Pierro & Moisely Fernandez 
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The most epic intergalactic rock n' roll adventure of all time begins here! Deep Space Tragedy - a teenage robot rock band on the run - gets more than they bargained for on a remote planet. What was supposed to be just another show soon turns into a struggle of life and death with the fate of an entire planet in the balance.​

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They came to ROCK ... they stayed to save the galaxy!

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Deep Space Tragedy "is a great offering if you want just to escape, have some fun and be entertained."

Deep Space Tragedy #1
​Variant Edition

By Andrew Wildman

Three Young Fans Preordering Deep Space Tragedy Issue 1

Deep Space Tragedy #1
New York Comic Con
 Exclusive Edition (200 Units)
​By Mike Wagganer


Deep Space Tragedy #1
Variant Edition (100 Units)

By Mike Wagganer

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