Of course you would!
Well series creator/writer/artist Michael Wagganer has come up with a way to make that happen! Here are the two simple steps he has come up with ...
1.) Get a video of yourself handing the order form to the service representative at your local comic book shop by AUGUST 20 2015, while saying "I WANT MY DST!"
2.) Post the video on Facebook and/or Twitter using the hashtag ‪#‎IWantMyDST‬!

Cosmic Times & Mike Wagganer will post the videos in their social media feeds as well as right here on the Cosmic Times website. After August 20th we’ll gather up the names, put them all in a hat (or something hat shaped), pick one of the names from the hat, read it and then BAM!, Mike will get to work "ROBOTIZING” you into issue four! 
You will then be able to find yourself within the pages of Deep Space Tragedy Issue 4  as a “Bot of Cog”,preserved for all eternity. 

Please mention the comic shop when you post the video, to give some attention to your friendly Local Comic Shop! 

So get out there and show your support for the bots of Deep Space Tragedy! Let the people of earth know that YOU WANT YOUR DST!

You can click on this handy order form to download a printable PDF to bring to your comic book retailer to let them know that you want Deep Space Tragedy!

Please help us spread the word about Deep Space Tragedy - tell all your friends about the greatest robot rock band in the galaxy! But also preorder the series at your local comic shop!
Let your retailer know that you want Deep Space Tragedy issue one as well as all subsequent issues. Preorders drive the comic book business and if you don't let your retailer know that you want Deep Space Tragedy there is a chance that he or she won't order it.
​Having the Diamond order code AUG151296 will help your retailer when they place their order.

Deep Space Tragedy

Issue 1 of 4 - Now Available for Preorder 

By Mike Wagganer & Moisely Fernandez 
$3.99 - Diamond Order Code: AUG151296

The most epic intergalactic rock n' roll adventure of all time begins here! Deep Space Tragedy - a teenage robot rock band on the run - gets more than they bargained for on a remote planet. What was supposed to be just another show soon turns into a struggle of life and death with the fate of an entire planet in the balance.

"They came to ROCK ... they stayed to save the galaxy"