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Every year Cosmic Times strives to attend as many events and conventions as possible, be it Orlando’s MegaCon, Miami’s SuperCon or our own PalmCon, we make sure our presence is felt in here Florida. We also try to attend at least three or four out of state conventions such as the Denver Comic Con, Heroes Con and for the first time in 2013 the New York Comic Con.

2014 Tour

Tales from the Road

Our 2013 tour started in January at the Albuquerque Comic Con, we traveled all over the United States and most of Florida to attend conventions and events making 2013 our busiest year to date. We attempted to document this journey with photos and several “con-reports” click HERE or the link below to see our 2013 tour in review.

Our 2014 tour has officially begun! Our first con of the New Year was Animate Miami – it was a great way to kick things off and really set the bar pretty high for the rest of the year. Our full “con report” and links to images can be found – HERE.

2013 Tour

What I.F. Signing 

December 28, 2014

What I.F. artist Jeramy Hobbs will be signing copies of What I.F. and promoting his web-comic Oops Comic Adventure at the Fashion Square Mall location of Coliseum of Comics in Orlando Florida on December 27th. 

For more information contact Coliseum of Comics  - HERE.

2015 Tour

Magic City Comic Con

January 16-18,  2014

Miami is getting a NEW comic book convention in the form of the Magic City Comic Con! Hosted by Florida Super Conventions, Magic City is going to become a major early year stop for a lot of convention goes. The inagural year boasts an incredible list comic book and media guests including - Dan Slott, Ann Nocenti, Francis Manapul, Karen Gilan, Colin Baker, Sean Gunn & Dan Starkey.

More information about the Magic City Comic Con can be found on their site - HERE.