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2016 Tour Log

HeroesCon 2016
Magic City Comic Con 2016
Florida SuperCon 2016

May 26-29 - Orlando, FL

New York Comic Con - October 6-9 - New York, NY - Website

March 18-20 - Chicago, IL

January 15-17 - Miami, FL

Beyond just attending a great comic con we also enjoyed the heck out of Seattle. Granted walking up hill was a struggle for a group of guys from flat-Florida, but it was so worth it. The area surrounding the Washington State Convention Center was the best, frankly we cant think of a more prefect spot to hold a convention. 

C2E2 2016

All images from the 2016 FCBD are being hosted on the Cosmic Times Flickr page.

Another SuperCon has come and gone … and as with every year - the show continues to grow. We had an amazing time for all FOUR DAYS of the convention. Not only did we get to reconnect with many of our long-time fans - but we made new ones. One of the best parts about attending SuperCon (our “home convention”) is that we get to see all of our local friends. This year our Cosmic-Crew included Martin Pierro, Alexander Dunlop, Andra Walt and Tanya Acosta, and after a show this size they were all pretty tired, but it was so worth it. SuperCon has grown to be the biggest convention in South Florida … if not the whole state. This year’s guests included - William Shatner, Greg Capullo, Ben McKenzie, Neal Adams, Elizabeth Henstridge, Tony Bedard, Alex Kingston, Keith Giffen and David Warner … just to name a few. We can only imagine what they will do next year to top this line-up.

This was our 8th real MegaCon (9th if you count the Mini-MegaCon) and it was by far the weirdest MegaCon yet. With the new owners taking over we knew there would be some changes … however we didn't expect such a massive shift in operations and quality. Going forward MegaCon is going to be a different type of show. This year, though it was different, it was still a blast. We were able to reconnect with so many friends and fans - it was a amazing experience. We were joined by Cosmic Team member Lacy Day who brought her usual level of energy to the booth. Also joining us in the Cosmic Times booth was the incredibly talented artist Jennifer Mercer who was taking commissions and selling a few prints - her being there brought a new energy to the booth. Sadly absent was Deep Space Tragedy creator Mike Wagganer due to an engagement he had in the United Kingdom … this truly was a different MegaCon indeed.

2016 Tour

July 1-4, Miami, FL

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Free Comic Book Day

InfinityCon 2016
Free Comic Book Day 2016


The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is a Chicago fan convention dedicated to comics, pop culture, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. We attended our first C2E2 last year and were thrilled to return to Chicago's McCormick Place for our second helping. Publisher Martin T Pierro and Artist/Writer Mike Wagganer (Deep Space Tragedy) were manning the Cosmic Times Booth (135), Artist Larry Watts (Metal Locus) was located in the artist section at table K8, Mervyn McKoy (Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew) was be found in booth 232 and new comer (to Cosmic Times) MJ Erickson (The Good, The Bad and The Prehistoric) was located at artist G27.

MegaCon 2016

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Emerald City Comicon

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Another Free Comic Book Day is in the books! Publisher Martin T Pierro attended a  great event at our “home store” - Past Present Future Comics in West Palm Beach, FL. We also kicked off the weekend with a theater event at the Carmike / Muvico Parisian 20 in City Place, to promote Free Comic Book Day at the premiere of Captain America: Civil War. Joining us was Past Present Future along with fellow comic creators Bohdan Neswiacheny, Roberto Torres and Jeremy Katanic. 

Other members of Team Cosmic Times were spread out across Florida and other parts of the US. What I.F. author DJ Strong was at SHQ: The Vault in Tallahassee, FL. Kevin LaPorte (Scales of Time) and Amanda Rachels (Flesh of White) were together at FOS Comics in Mobile, AL. Heroes' Haven in Tampa, FL played host to Larry Watts (Metal Locus) & Jamie Jones (Deep Space Tragedy). Artist/colorist Gavin Michelli (Flesh of White) was in Denham Springs, LA at Jason's Sports Cards & Comics. Artist/inker Kenneth Leinaar (From Blood) returned to his home shop Cahsman's Comics in Bay City, MI. Finally Scales of Time artist Rich Perrotta was in Staten Island, NY at Comic Book Jones.

It was great weekend and we are already making plans for Free Comic Book Day 2017! 

As with last year, we made a very last minute decision to attend HeroesCon. We partnered up with Inverse Press to bring some live art to the booth  (a very “Heroes Con thing” to do). The show is still a comic heavy event … however I have noticed a shift from printed comics to original art commissions. The art auction is always a highlight at HeroesCon and though this year’s auction might not have been as crazy as years past, there was no shortage of amazing pieces. As an added bonus the auction kicked off with Darryl “DMC” McDaniel busting out a rap. Also HeroesCon is a great show to connect with friends old and new and that is just what we did, in fact we might be revealing some new projects that were put into motion at HeroesCon … so stay tuned for that.

All images from HeroesCon 2016 are being hosted on the Cosmic Times Flickr page.

All images from the 2016 C2E2 are being hosted on the Cosmic Times Flickr page.

This was our first year at the Emerald City Comicon and it was, in a word - AWESOME! Such a greta comic-centric show. We were able to connect with a whole new group of fans and other creators as well. This may have been the first year we attended the show … but it will not be our last, we are already planning on returning in 2017.

June 17-19, Charlotte, NC

July 16 & 17,  Lake City, FL

All images from SuperCon 2016 are being hosted on the Cosmic Times Flickr page.

It’s hard to believe that the convention season has already started. Still there was no better show to kick off the year with than the mighty Magic City Comic Con. With a stellar guest list (both media and comic) and some of the best vendors around, this was a great show. Though only in it’s second year the Magic City Comic Con has already grown into a massive event that seems to be bigger than the venue will allow. This was an amazing show and we look forward to watching it grow in the coming years.

Cosmic Times publisher Martin Pierro & Creature EIC Juan Navarro teamed up for another Transformers panel. at the 2016 Magic City Comic Con. The two friends and lifelong TF-fans explore what makes the Transformers great. They also examine their favorite episode (number 43) Make Tracks. It was an informative and sometimes funny panel that any Transformers fan will enjoy. 

April 7-10 - Seattle, WA

Magic City Comic Con

We also were able to meet up with some good friends at the show - Creature Entertainment, Terry Cronin (3 Boys), Shawn Pryor (Crowntaker Studios), Steve Bryant (Athena Voltaire), Mike Broder (SuperCon), Kurt Donath (filmmaker), Ed Siemienkowicz (Voice of the Republic), Michael & Toni Duron (Locoduck) and many many more. This was a great comic con with some great attendees, we look forward to retuning to Chicago next year!

All images from the 2016 Magic City Comic Con are being hosted on the Cosmic Times Flickr page.


All images from InfinityCon 2016 are being hosted on the Cosmic Times Flickr page.


We were thrilled to be invited to this year’s InfinityCon in Lake City, Florida. Lake City might be a small town but the folks behind InfinityCon were a class act. Everyone was so friendly and professional, the bigger shows could stand to learn a thing or two from InfinityCon. They had a great guest line up that included key members of the Battlestar Galactica cast including Edward James Olmos, James Callis, Richard Hatch and Kandyse McClure. Also present were artists Mike Wagganer (Deep Spaced Tragedy), Larry Watts (Metal Locus) and George Perez (Teen Titans). It was fun experience and look forward to retuning to InfinityCon in the future. 

C2E2: The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 

PalmCon: The Palm Beach County Comic Book & Collectibles Show - September 24-25 - West Palm Beach, FL - Website

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