2016 Tour Log

C2E2: The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo - March 18-20 - Chicago, IL - C2E2 Event Page


Magic City Comic Con 2016

New York Comic Con - October 6-9 - New York, NY - Website

January 15-17 - Miami, FL

2016 Tour


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Florida SuperCon - July 1-4, Miami, FL - Website


HeroesCon - June 17-19 - Charlotte, NC - Website

Emerald City Comic Con - April 7-10 - Seattle, WA - ECCC Event Page

It’s hard to believe that the convention season has already started. Still there was no better show to kick off the year with than the mighty Magic City Comic Con. With a stellar guest list (both media and comic) and some of the best vendors around, this was a great show. Though only in it’s second year the Magic City Comic Con has already grown into a massive event that seems to be bigger than the venue will allow. This was an amazing show and we look forward to watching it grow in the coming years.

Cosmic Times publisher Martin Pierro & Creature EIC Juan Navarro teamed up for another Transformers panel. at the 2016 Magic City Comic Con. The two friends and lifelong TF-fans explore what makes the Transformers great. They also examine their favorite episode (number 43) Make Tracks. It was an informative and sometimes funny panel that any Transformers fan will enjoy. 

Magic City Comic Con

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PalmCon: The Palm Beach County Comic Book & Collectibles Show - September 24-25 - West Palm Beach, FL - Website

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Every year Cosmic Times strives to attend as many events and conventions as possible, be it Orlando’s MegaCon, Miami’s SuperCon or our own PalmCon, we make sure our presence is felt in here Florida. We also try to attend at least three or four out of state conventions such as the Denver Comic Con, Heroes Con, the New York Comic Con, Chicago's C2E2 and for the first time 2016 - The Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle!



Deadpool in Theater Event with PalmCon! - February 12th  - West Palm Beach, FL - Deadpool - PalmCon Event Page