Flesh of White Issue 1 of 4
By Erica J Heflin & Amanda Rachels
Diamond Order Code: JUN161366

Cosmic Times Production  Code: CT-019

Rated: T - Appropriate for readers age 12 and older.

Tanzanians, Rehema and Idi, celebrate the birth of their new son, but must weigh their hopes against unanticipated fears.  Little Kwasi was born with albinism, and they live in a part of Tanzania where superstition and fear guide the hearts of men.  In the home of his parents, Kwasi is safe, but as a scheming Witch Doctor learns of his existence, Rehema and Idi must fight to protect him when the Doctor and his Harvester come for the little one’s white flesh.​

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"Flesh of White is also a story with magic, with ghosts and spirits and mystical powers (both good and evil). It’s a fantasy tale, and it certainly fits within the supernatural horror genre."

Conori Bell-Bhuiyan - Broken Frontier

"Heflin and Rachels have told an important story. This story must be shared and discussed. I don’t have the answer for a solution, except that we must expand education and wipe out the beast of superstition and ignorance."

 Gary Port - BroughCon.com

A supernatural horror story of modern-day witch doctors hunting a baby with albinism.