Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew #3 (of 3) 

- Robert McClelland - Indie ComiX
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"Over all I found this to be an enjoyable read, and if you have yet to read it yourself.
​Don't sit around waiting to do so! Hop to it!"

This is it! The final chapter of the most bizarre giant robot story in history ends with a bang! Can Erica Pratch and the maintenance crew save Herotron from its most dangerous adversary - the pilots? It's a race against the clock and common sense in this epic exclamation marked comedic conclusion!


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T   Appropriate for readers ages 12 and older.

Written by: 

Nate Hill
Art by:
Mervyn Mckoy

Colors by: 
Dawnson Chen 
Edited by:

Cover by:
Mervyn McKoy

"Everyone loves giant robots ... until you have to fix one."