The robot warrior known as Herotron is famous throughout the Republic of Worlds as a champion of peace, a defender of justice and a protector of all colonized planets. Whenever a new galactic threat might arise, Republic citizens can rest easy knowing that Herotron and its brave Pilots are out there.

 But what most people don’t realize is that deep within Herotron’s service tunnels, an overworked Maintenance Crew struggles to keep the robot working. It’s a never-ending job done in terrible conditions, and it doesn’t help that Herotron’s Pilots are complete morons.


"Everyone loves giant robots ... until you have to fix one."

Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew issue 3 is NOW available for pre-order from comic shops nationally and we need your help getting the word out. We are asking folks to head out to their local comic shop and add GRWMC to their pull-lists or to just have their comic retailers pre-order the series.

Where do I go to pre-order Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew?

Well if you don’t normally shop at a local comic book store, there is a fantastic service to help you. Visit to track down comic book shops from all over the world – or call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK (1-888-26642-2665).


Due to high demand there have been some shipping oddities with Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew issue1. Some stores will have the book on shelves a full week early (August 20th) while other stores will have it on the original release date (August 27th) next Wednesday. We are working with Diamond to straighten out the situation as quickly as possible but when dealing with shipping such a large amount of comics to so many locations - unforeseen problems can arise. Rest assured that we printed more than enough to meet all the orders and are standing by in case demand requires a second printing. We thank you for your support and understanding.