December 31st, 2017


The Sky’s the Limit for Cosmic Times

Cosmic Times’ comics land in airports across the US.

South Florida based comic book publisher, Cosmic Times is expanding their reach to the sky. Already nationally distributed to comic shops in the US and beyond, Cosmic Times’s books will now be available in airport gift shops across the country. This is a milestone for the small publisher, that continues to grow and in doing so continues to push the boundaries of the industry. 

Cosmic Times has partnered with the leader in travel retail, Areas USA. Both companies are based in South Florida and are working together to bring Cosmic Times books and products to theTEN airports that currently are under contract with Areas. The first phase of this rollout will begin January 1st and will include the Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and the Miami International Airport (MIA).

The first wave of titles will include the all-ages offerings of Deep Space Tragedy (a comic series about a teenage robot rock band on the run) and Sugar Boogarz (a comic series about gingerbread ninjas battling diabolical broccoli). There are also graphic novels that will appeal to teenage and adult readers, such as Yurushi (a samurai love story), Chaser Platoon (a futuristic action mystery) and Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew (a work place comedy set inside a giant robot). 

Cosmic Times publisher and founder Martin T. Pierro feels that this is inline with his vision for the company - “When I started Cosmic Times, I knew we should focus on publishing the kinds of stories that would capture the imagination of readers of any age, across every genre. This incredible partnership with Areas allows us to present our stories to new readers who might never set foot in a comic shop.” Pierro has always felt that with the right strategic partners in place anything would be possible. “Areas is giving  us a chance to reach a new audience and we are giving Areas a constant stream of unique books and products to present to their customers. This is the perfect partnership that I expect to see grow and strengthen over the next few years.”

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