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Scales of Time (One Shot) 
By Kevin LaPorte, Rich Perotta & Yuan Cakra
Diamond Order Code: NOV151262

Cosmic Times Production Code: CT-017

Rated: T - Appropriate for readers age 12 and older.

Cosmic Times & Inverse Press join forces to bring you Robot Vs. Dragon for the prize of one man's immensely talented soul! In Scales of Time, a rapidly aging virtuoso pianist is bent beneath the heel of a Draconian patron but finds freedom at the hands of a time-bending automaton with her own unknown agenda. Scales of Time is a one-shot, self-contained comic.

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"A dying pianist performs his last at the heart of a struggle between his Draconian patron
​and a time-tripping robot bound to free him!" 

 "What a truly unique and interesting little story (Scales of Time) is." 

Scales of Time
​Variant Edition​