Treat your students to an unforgettable presentation about the fascinating world of comic books and graphic novels with Cosmic Times author and publisher Martin T. Pierro!

Over the last 8 years, Martin has traveled across the country visiting many states presenting to thousands of people interested in the world of graphic storytelling. Martin is a respected member of the national comics community and recognized as a leader in the industry.  His publishing company Cosmic Times in one of the largest in the southeastern United States. 

Martin prefers to limit the size of each assembly to no more than 200 students to allow for a question and answer session.  Martin can provide his own projector, microphone and iPad (to run the presentation), he requests that school provides a screen (and will use any in house AV equipment if possible). 

Martin’s goal is for you to come away feeling good about his visit to your school. He is very interactive with the children and provides an opportunity for the students to pre-purchase age appropriate comics (and graphic novels) from the Cosmic Times catalog of books.  Pre-order forms will be provided so students can order their comics ahead of time.  Given enough time Martin will autograph the books for the students. The books will be then distributed to the teachers who will be responsible for distributing them to the students later.

The mission statement of Cosmic Times is to bring new readers to graphic storytelling by creating new and innovate stories. This initiative also includes young readers. As a struggling student growing up in Palm Beach County, Florida, Martin used comics as a gateway to literacy and feels that perhaps he could spark that same light in other children who may be facing the same struggles. 

We have crafted an in-school presentation that focuses on how graphic novels are created and the business that surrounds this industry. Beyond just the art and storytelling of comics Martin delves into the history and future of the business, providing the students with a deeper understanding of this truly American art form.

School Visits 

In order to make sure that the entire student body benefits from his visit, Martin has tailored presentations for various age groups and school levels (elementary, middle and high school). For the younger groups he has a high energy presentation sure to entertain, while the presentation for older students is more sophisticated  and focuses more on the behind the scenes and business aspects of the industry.