“Artist/Writer Michael "LocoDuck" Duron brings his all-ages series
​Sugar Boogarz to Cosmic Times!“

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​​Sugar Boogarz Issue 1  - Retailer Variant 
By Michael Duron with Toni Duron
Diamond Order Code: AUG171469
Cosmic Times Production  Code: CT-025-B
Rated:E - Appropriate for readers all ages.

The "Retailer Variant" for Sugar Boogarz issue 1 is a very limited edition version of the standard or regular version, in that the content of the comic is the same yet the cover is different. This is for the true collector, as it will have a much lower print run that the standard edition. The only way to to get this edition is to buy it directly from comic book retailers.  

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Sugar Boogarz Issue 1 
By Michael Duron with Toni Duron
Diamond Order Code: AUG171468

Cosmic Times Production  Code: CT-025-A

Rated:E - Appropriate for readers all ages.

Sugar Boogarz is an all ages series that takes place in a world of living gingerbread people and diabolical broccoli monsters. The story follows the adventures of Graham and his band of Gingy Ninjys as they struggle to stop the evil Tyrant Tooth from taking over the world. It's an action packed series written to be enjoyed at any age.

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