The comic book industry is fueled by preorders ... if a comic shop owner doesn't know if a book will sell they are  less likely to order it. With books like Superman and Spider-Man ... the retailer can take a chance and order extra copies of those books because there is always an audience for them. However with indie-comics it's harder, the average retailer might not have the budget to take a chance on a title that they have never heard of or at the very least are not familiar with. This is why preorders are so important, if you are interested in getting Suagr Boogarz, you can't count on finding a copies of the issues on the shelves at your favorite comic shop when they are released ... unless you tell your retailer about it, now. It's an easy enough process ... next time you are at your local comic shop let the person behind the counter know that you want Boogarz. The more information you give your retailer the better - let them know it is published by Cosmic Times and issue 3 can be found on page 322 of the October 2017 Previews catalog, you can even let them know what the order code is - OCT171412 ... all helpful information. We have actually made the whole process even easier with our handy “order form” ... just click the image of the form, that will open a printable PDF. Fill it out and bring it to your retailer, they will know what to do with it after that. Then come December you will find yourself in possession of a copy of Sugar Boogarz issue 3. It’s that easy … you’ll get great all-ages comics plus you will be supporting an indy publisher.

Click the image of the form to open a printable PDF.

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Sugar Boogarz Issue 3 
By Michael Duron with Toni Duron
Diamond Order Code: OCT171412

Cosmic Times Production  Code: CT-027

Rated:E - Appropriate for readers all ages.

A shocking truth is discovered as the traitor is revealed and the future of the Gingy Ninjys is put into question. Adolfo Rootless continues to gain the upper hand as chaos reigns supreme while the Candy Castle falls. Can Graham salvage his team in time to confront the deadly Tyrant Tooth? Find out in this exciting next chapter of the all-ages smash hit series Sugar Boogarz!

Arrives in January!