Yurushi (OGN) 
By Zach Bassett
Diamond Order Code: DEC171361

Cosmic Times Production  Code: CT-029

Rated: T - Appropriate for readers age 12 and older.

Yurushi, an original graphic novel, sees Zach Bassett lend his amazing talent to tell this story of love, revenge, and forgiveness. Yurushi follows Kisho, a Samurai who was blinded as a child while trying to protect his father. He is haunted by his failure and over time developed a thirst for vengeance. Each page is a work of art as Zach hand painted them in watercolor while using other media to illustrate the broad range of emotions that our protagonist experiences through this timeless tale.

Now Available for Preorder!

To make it even easier on you … we have created this printable PDF order form that you can fill out and just give to your comic shop clerk - super simple.

A Samurai's story of Love, Loss and Forgiveness

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Your favorite comic book retailer might already be planning on ordering Yurushi and when February rolls around you can pop in and grab a copy. However Cosmic Times is a smaller publisher and the vast majority won’t order from a smaller publisher, unless they know it’s something that their customers want. Well if you want to get a copy of Yurushi (and we’re sure you do) … it’s up to you, to let folks at your local comic shop know that you really want to get a copy. So to ensure at copy is ordered for you call or visit your retailer and tell them that you want Yurushi. It will be helpful if you provide them with the DIamond Order Code for Yurushi - DEC171361, they may also want to know where to find it in the December Previews catalog you can tell them it’s on page 317.

Yurushi is now available for preorder and will arrive in comic shops February 2018